German Institute on Radicalization
and De-radicalization Studies

Mothers for Life Network

‘Mothers for Life’ is a unique global network of mothers who have experienced violent jihadist radicalization in their own families. In most cases they have seen their sons and daughters leaving to Syria and Iraq and in many cases never to return. Sometimes their husbands have radicalized. They all share the burden of having seen how radicalization processes can destroy the bond between mother and children. Mothers for Life aims to bring these mothers together to give them the safety of a secure network of people who share those experiences and to heal their wounds. But Mothers for Life also wants to give a strong and unified voice to these mothers and their stories. The network aims to coordinate activities and provide guidance and counsel to mothers who are part of it. Membership is of course free of any charge. We circulate information, help to get in touch with mothers and families in close proximity or help with handling any other requests. Mothers for Life also aims to create strong and convincing counter narratives.

For more information see the network’s own homepage

The network is coordinated by Christianne Boudreau and Daniel Koehler.