German Institute on Radicalization
and De-radicalization Studies

New Database on Jihadist Terrorism in Germany

In addition to the Database on Terrorism in Germany (DTG) for right-wing extremism we have now completed the first dataset analysis for Jihadist terrorism in Germany (DTG-JI). Our current dataset includes 40 Jihadist terrorist plots and attacks on German soil since 2001 that caused a total of 14 casualties. We only included those plots and attacks that were directed against Germany and hatched from within the country. We excluded those plots that were directed against other countries or individuals outside of Germany (even if the plot originated in the country), as well as ‘membership’ crimes (i.e. membership in a foreign terrorist organization like ISIL), if the charges did not also include plotting, preparing or conducting a terrorist attack. We also excluded those plots against Germany being made from another country, if the plot did not lead to an attack on German soil, for the lack of information. Like for our DTG-RWX dataset we used a wide collection of information sources, such as court documents, verdicts, press articles, intelligence reports and interviews with formers.

We will continuously update the dataset whenever new plots or attacks happen. Currently, we work on preparing an analytical report about the main characteristics of Jihadist terrorism in Germany for publication. Due to a lack of funding we are currently not able to provide a full online based and searchable database.

For any inquiries about the dataset please reach out to us via contact[at]