German Institute on Radicalization
and De-radicalization Studies

Hicham Tiflati - Fellow

Hicham Tiflati is a senior researcher with the study “Canadian Foreign Fighters” based at Waterloo University; Coordinator of “Canadian Muslims Online” project based at UQÀM; a fellow at “Center for the Research on Religion (CREOR)” at McGill University; co-investigator for the study “Educational trajectories of radicalized females” at McGill University, and a doctoral candidate (abd) in the Department of Religious Studies at the Université du Quebec à Montréal.

Hicham is fluent in French, English, classical Arabic, and most Arabic dialects. His main work revolves around identity politics, citizenship, belonging, integration, religious extremism, and radicalization. He is active both in the field coaching and teaching Muslim youth, and in academia; he has published and lectured extensively on radicalization

Selected Publications:

(forthcoming) Djaout, A. et Tiflati, H. (2016). « Du djihadisme et de l’anti-djihadisme à la radicalisation et lacontre-radicalisation : un essai de clarification », dans Cégépiens, radicalisations et vivre ensemble: actes du Colloque, sous la direction de Habib El-Hage, Montréal, Les publications du Collège de Rosemont.

Tiflati, H. (2016). Destination Da’esh. Pourquoi s’enrôlent-ils: Motifs, Facteurs et trajectoires de radicalisation. Verbatim, Presse de l’Université Laval. Québec. ISBN : 9782763732626

Tiflati, H. (2016). Western Islamic Schools as Institutions for Preventing Behavioral
Radicalization: The case of Quebec. Journal for Deradicalization. Nr. 6. ISSN: 2363-9849. 180-205

Tiflati, H. (2016). Quebec Educational System and the Muslim Community: Why do some Muslim Parents opt for Islamic Schools? Journal of Religious Education, Australian Catholic University. 10.1007/s40839-016-0029-64.

Tiflati, H. (February, 2016). Canada needs a better approach to dealing with disillusioned ISIS returnees. Can be accessed here

Tiflati, H. (February, 2016). Le vivre ensemble et l’islmaophobie au Québec. Can be accessed here

Tiflati, H., & Amarasingam, A. (December, 2015). Quebec needs to confront its Islamophobia problem. Can be accessed here

Tiflati, H., & Taylor, C., (July, 2015). Education, Religion, and Muslims in Quebec: An Interview with Charles Taylor. Can be accessed here