German Institute on Radicalization
and De-radicalization Studies

Morten Hjørnholm - Fellow

Morten Hjørnholm – one of the leading de-radicalization experts in Denmark – is a sociologist working close with practitioners in local, national and international crime prevention efforts as a projects manager. Having done a master’s thesis on youth delinquency and self-report surveys, he went on to implementing a scientific approach to crime prevention in his local municipality. Since then Morten has moved on to engaging in an array of projects revolving around crime prevention and preventive interventions in the field of counterterrorism and violent extremism. Morten has an expertise in relation to the dynamics and ideologies in politically radical, militant and/or violent groups and individuals. This has provided an opportunity to join in projects and larger efforts to counter extremism through prevention and the safeguarding of individuals vulnerable to ideas legitimizing violence. Specialties: Crime prevention: Youth offending, Radicalization, Gang crime & sociological and criminological surveys and analysis